Bourbon Cream Espresso Beans

A dark roast that’s every bit as indulgent as the classic biscuit.

The Bourbon biscuit was created where the Pact office sits today. So we made this creamy, chocolatey espresso in its image. Great Taste Award winner 2023.


About This Coffee


Bourbon cream biscuits

Just like the grapes behind wine, coffee beans have their own natural flavours. And roasting can develop them – a bit like stewing fruits or caramelising sugars.


Mild, creamy

Does it have the zingy acidity of a green apple, the rounded, delicate acidity of an oaky Chardonnay or something in between?



Coffee beans are the pip inside the coffee cherry. There’s different ways of removing the layers surrounding them that affect the eventual cup’s character.



Different plants mean different cherries, different flavours and different environmental benefits. Think of it like varieties of apples.


Refined Sugar

Sweetness can vary. Think of the subtle difference between the sweetness of strawberries, honey and a chocolate bar.



How will it feel in your mouth? Heavy, dense and indulgent or light, silky and delicate?


Up to 1800 MASL

Arabica coffee plants gain acidity, aroma and flavour from height. But there are delicious nuances to be found at slightly lower altitudes too.



Where were the plants behind the coffee beans grown? All Pact Coffee is roasted at our roastery in Haslemere.


Based on 1156 reviews

Brigid Zietlow
Brigid Zietlow
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We stopped here after our flight to London and the food and drinks were absolutely delicious! They had a great selection of pastries and food. The French toast was the best I've ever had, would highly recommend!!
A Fowles
A Fowles
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Great looking place that serves great food and coffees. Really nice atmosphere, chilled and laid back. Great for meeting friends. Some good food options and excellent looking bakes. Great coffee too!
Thomas Doppelreiter
Thomas Doppelreiter
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Whoa! Came in by chance and had one of the best breakfasts ever. Full English veggie was tasty af, great almond matcha, friendly staff. If you get the chance - go there!
Leo Norman
Leo Norman
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Standard prices for soho, 14 quid for a breakfast - however the French toast was PERFECTLY cooked and staff were attentive. My girlfriend had avocado toast and said it was good but additional sides were small in portion. Good bites
Matthew Reese
Matthew Reese
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The food is so lovely!! We had the veggie breakfast and bacon and maple pancakes. Along with the healthy drink and an oat latte. All tasted amazing and the service was incredibly friendly and fast. A little expensive, but definitely worth the money. Would highly recommend!
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